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Hand Crafted Products Inspiring Change

Sea el Cambio works in close collaboration with artisans in Nicaragua to design handmade jewelry, pottery, leather/fabric bags, and paper goods along with providing an outlet to sell their products; all items are ethically sourced through long-lasting partnerships with Nicaraguan artisans. By increasing market access, our artisans have a reliable and steady source of income to support their families. Sea el Cambio donates a portion of its profits to Non-Profits working within the artisan’s communities to improve living conditions.


In 2011 my dreams of participating in an international service opportunity came alive during a trip to Nicaragua with FriendsNE. I joined FriendsNE on a 10 day immersion trip, little did I know those 10 days would change my life forever. I stayed in the town of Chacraseca where I was able to help build a house, volunteer at a school, and most importantly become a part of their everyday lives. During that trip we visited a community where FNE is involved in trying to improve their quality of life, primarily with a water supply.


A woman approached me with a tiny black bag filled with bracelets that she had made. As I was looking at each one of them I knew this is why I was on this trip! I did buy every bracelet and when I paid her she gave me a big smile and hug then thanked me. The money I paid her was not very much but it made a huge difference in her life. I knew at that moment this is what I am meant to do and how I can help others. I put one of her bracelets on my ankle and have been wearing it ever since to remind me how one person can make a difference in someone’s life. Since that day I have been working with men and women in Nicaragua to develop and refine products.

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