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Masaya – Jewelry

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Masaya is one of the smallest town named after the active Masaya Volcano and is the most populated departments within Nicaragua. Masaya is known for its strong indigenous heritage and culture. The city is filled with dance, music, street theater, and many festivals. Masaya is the heart of Nicaraguan handicrafts and is known as “The Cradle of Nicaraguan Folklore”. Masaya is the perfect place for Javier and wife Pamela to make their home after leaving El Salvador where Javier was a Bio Chemist to make a fresh start in a safer, gang-free, and less violent country. With few opportunities to earn an income they learned the art of jewelry making. Over the years they have mastered there skills and now teach men and women the trade along with managing the Co-op within Masaya. This Co-op provides an opportunity for men & women to learn a new trade along with providing an income for their families.

Javier & Pamela

Pamela has mastered the art of macramé while Javier, the art of metalwork—their pieces are beautiful and intricate. Javier experiments with recycled copper pipes, brass, and bullet casings. He continues to work with recycled metals along with alpaca, sterling silver, and gold! Javier & Pamela take much pride in all of their work. They even help Jacqueline bring her designed pieces to life by turning her drawings into beautiful pieces of wearable art!

Javier & Pamala have a wonderful work relationship with Jacqueline and have become a second family to her!

“Pamela and I have worked with Jacqueline for 3 year now and in that time our business has grown much.  She opened a new door that allows us to work throughout the year.  It is very easy to work with Jacqueline because there is a connection between her ideas and our hands.”Javier & Pamela (Feb. 2015)

How It's Made

The copper pieces are made from recycled copper pipes that are cut, opened, heated and flattened by tools made by Javier. Each piece is drawn onto the copper, hand cut with a coping saw, and turned into beautiful pieces of wearable art.

The macrame bracelets are made from waxed cotton string and tied into intricate designs by Pamela, who has taught others the art of macramé who work within our Masaya Project.

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