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Granada – Leather

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The city of Granada is a city of charm, color, and full of history. The streets are lined with churches, courtyards, and fountains all in the colonial architecture. The streets are also filled with vendors selling their wares, undernourished horses pulling carts, motorcycles, old bicycles with four passengers, and children performing tricks to earn a few coins.


Carlos is a native of Granada. To earn an income he started working with leather to design bracelets and bags, which he sells along the streets in Granada. He is a self-taught, true leather artisan who has become a master at his craft.

Carlos’s handmade piece are a blend of Sea el Cambio’s designs, traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary style.

“I do have a sewing machine, but feel I need to use my hands to cut and sew each piece that way each piece is truly handmade.”Carlos

How It's Made

Carlos hand-selects each piece of leather to ensure the highest quality leather is being used for our bags. Each piece is hand cut, punched, and sewn by Carlos to create an authentic handcrafted, one-of-a-kind bag that can be passed on for generations. We use only the best hardware from zippers to latches on all our bags.

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