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Chacraseca – Jewelry & Handbags

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Chacraseca–Jewelry & Handbags

Chacraseca is the heart and soul of SeC. In 2011, Chacraseca was the first community Jacqueline visited. Little did she know it would change her life, form everlasting friendships, and become the foundation of Sea el Cambio. Over the years we have developed sewing, macramé, and youth macramé programs. We also continue to work with Juana & Maria through Chac Recycling Program developing new designs. On International Women's Day 2014 we opened a small store within the community selling products made through SeC’s Co-ops managed by Estela who lives in Chacraseca.


A self-taught artisan living in Chacraseca with her Mother and her son Andy. Iliana is the sole provider for her family through the sales of her jewelry, along with the sales from a small store within her house. It is very important to Iliana to take the time to pass on the skill of making jewelry to the younger girls within the community. All of her jewelry is made in the loving memory of her first son who passed away.


The women that work with SeC are giving the opportunity to work within their homes and join SeC’s Economical Development Program where we offer sewing, basic business, and marketing/social media/networking workshops, along with SeC supply shop where they can receive much-needed supplies.

How It's Made

Bracelets made by the Youth of Chacraseca. All students involved must be attending school to join the program. After the youth have completed all their school and house work they will make these colorful macrame bracelets from a waxed cotton string which they tie into intricate designs.

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