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Chacraseca – Handbags & Baskets

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Chacraseca–Bags & Baskets

Juana & Maria work together at a small store in Chacraseca where they sell water, candy, and chips. During store downtime, they learned how to weave chip bags into purses. They then started to collect empty chip bags around the community and turn them into colorful purses. Jacqueline met Juana & Maria on her first trip to Nicaragua and instantly started supporting their project. She bought their bags and began selling them within her store ONE, in MA, along with donating a large portion back to the community. The purses were an instant hit, which led Jacqueline along with help from Juana & Maria to design new styles.

Juana & Maria

Juana Lidia Ojeda is 40 years old and a mother of four children. Through the sales of the chips bags, Maria was able to save enough money to move to her own home.

Maria Adilia Martinez Perez is 36 yrs old and a mother of a 4 yr old. She lives at home with her parents and 2 sisters and brother. Maria studied business technical administration. Along working at the store, Maria spends her evening making bags out of recycled chip bags and recycled coffee sacks.

Making purses help keep the community clean and provides money to support our artisan’s families.

“We are proud to work with Jacqueline and have learned a lot. “We can improve our homes and we have money so we are able to pay bills and debts.  We are very proud and the work is a great benefit to our community.”Maria Martinez

How It's Made

These bracelets are all handmade by the Youth of Chacraseca. All students involved must be attending school to join the program. After the youth have completed all their school and house work they will make these colorful bracelets out of all cotton string.

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